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Most of what I have on this page are Halloween costumes.  I've made many other things but don't have pictures yet.
I made this bear costume in 1997 for Marty's (on left, 8 months old) first Halloween.  Joey (on right, 11 1/2 months old) wore it for his first Halloween in 2001. 
1998 was the year of  "Stinky the Skunk"...this is Marty at 20 months.
"Sparky the Firedog" reigned supreme in 1999...Marty at 2 1/2 (32 months to be precise...LOL).  Even with the fire helmet and floppy ears I still had idiots asking me if he was a cow...ROFL!
In 2000, I made a Peter Pan costume for my niece Kayla and Marty decided to be a ghost but also insisted on carrying a scythe.  These pictures are from the Halloween camping trip we took with the Phi Theta Honor Society that my mom runs...I was 34 weeks pregnant with Joey at this point!
Marty was a wizard in 2001...and we hadn't even read Harry Potter yet...LOL!!!
I made this patchwork bear for the son of  my Jan/Feb/Mar Secret sister on the Cross Stitch board.
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