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My Squares on other people's Round Robins
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Graphics provided
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Perpetual Calendar
These are the two squares I stitched for Kathy's (kbunsz) Perpetual Calendar... February & July.
Round Robin #3
Group 5
This is my completed square for Sara's (sara_laughs) Round Robin.   I used EMS's freebie birdhouse design. 
This is the gemstone dragon I stitched for June's (crowemother) RR3.
This is the square I stitched for Debbie's (hannicks) RR3.  It is from a Whispered by the Wind freebie titled Josi's Quilt!
I stitched October and November on Sara's (sara_laughs) perpetual calendar. 
These are my squares for Lynne's (tollbaby) perpetual calendar.
Velda's mini sampler August & December
These are the squares I stitched for Robin's Perpetual Calendar