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Kirsten...this is what I needed the waste canvas for.  This is an owl from the Harry Potter cross stitch son's elementary school's mascot is an owl!
This is the door knob pillow I have stitched for the exchange.  The stitching is I just have to finish it as a pillow.  Its for someone to my East!
The finished product...
ready to mail...hope my pal likes it!!!
ITS DONE...goes in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't find a pattern I wanted to, using parts of other patterns for inspiration, I am creating my own design.  This pumpkin is satin stitched on 14 ct black aida
using Designs For The Needle vareigated orange and yellow.  Mr Ghost is in plain old white satin stitching!  What do you  think?
This is the layout for my ABC RR.  I created this chart myself...what do you think?
This is the teacup I stitched for Jacque's MIni RR.  It  is part of a pattern found in the December 1996 issue of Leisure Arts magazine.  I changed the color of the heart and lightened the brown in the cup so it looked more like tea.  Hope you like it Jacque!!!