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These 3 ornaments were stitch for Alene (stitching_witch) for the PP Cross Stitch Board ornament exchange 2001.  I used freebie designs from Drawn Threads and altered the colors.
This was stitched from a Janlynn freebie design for my secret sister Char.  I added all the backstitching except a small amount around the mouth, nose, and the line for the chin.
This is my first PC Stitch design...stitched for my secret sister Char.
This scissors keeper was stitched using the Dragon Dreams Chrismyth Dragon for my secret sister Char.
This is the unfinished version of the needleroll pictured to the left.  I used the Dragon Dreaams Chrismyth Dragon with altered colors.  It was stitched for my secret sister Char (mammabunny)...first round 2002.
I designed and stitched this bookmark for my secret sister Char.
This was stitched for Char's (mammabunny) son as part of her final gift for the first round of the Secret Sister Exchange during 2002.
This is my design, stitched for Velda.  It was supposed to be part of her gift basket but was completed too late.
These are the napkins and breadcloths I designed and stitched for Velda as part of the 2002 Breadcloth Exchange.
This is the letter block I stitched for Elizabeth's (pjejd's dd) alphabet quilt.