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Cross Stitch
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I have created these designs for the enjoyment of my fellow stitchers.  I both created the original artwork and translated the picture into a cross stitch design.   To access the page the contains the graphs and color charts, simply click on the picture.  Once on the pattern page. click on and print(or save to disc) each picture.  Images are in jpeg format so they should be downloadable for all.  If you wish to get the image in the original PC Stitch format please, email me.  As you stitch your piece, please feel free to express your creativity and make changes as you see fit!  However, I do ask that you respect me as the designer and not sell my design in any form.  Kitting my design to give as a gift is ok...kitting it for sale is NOT!!!  Please send me a picture of your finished piece...I would love to see what you do with my designs.
Graphics provided
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FRIENDSHIP AROUND THE WORLD...This design was inspired by the friendship shared by the wonderful ladies of the ParentsPlace Cross Stitch Board.
A MOTHER'S HEART...This design represents a mother's love for her child & how once a child is "stitched" into your heart, they never leave it.
GUARDING HER TREASURE... This design was created for and inspired by Char Haas  and her company LITTLE TREASURES DESIGNS.
This NEW YEAR'S design was created for the virtual calendar the ParentsPlace Cross Stitch Board is creating.
This ANGEL BREADCLOTH & NAPKIN were designed for Velda (stitching_angel) for the breadcloth exchange.
FAITH, HOPE, LOVE was inspired by the sermon my pastor gave on 8/11/02