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This was made for Kirsten.  The  lighthouse comes from a freebie, the rest is my design.  I made it into a needleroll.
This was also for Kirsten...same  lighthouse but I changed  the colors.  Tis one was put on an altoid tin and  trimmed with red ribbon.
This is the final lighthouse I made Kirsten. I added the border and mage the cord by braiding all the colors of floss I used.
This is for my sister Keri on her 30th birthday.  It is an L*K pattern and I  stitched it with floss from the hdf exchange...
TRACY'S (shlbzma) lemon ice,

JESSICA'S (sooopermommy) Six  Strand's Sweet
  blueberriesncream  and bubble gum

MY (firefighterwife) cocoa mocha  and carnation
SARA'S  (sara_laughs) key lime pie
WENDY'S (ngwife) royal velvet
AND, last but not least, the beautiful unnamed pink sent by the  divine Miss M aka MARGARET (marsenault)
This is the square I stitched for Jo's (jerseystitcher) mini RR.  It is a De Breibrink freebie and I altered the colors.  You can't see it very well but the blue has blending filament stitched over it.
This is the Cherish, Dream, Live L*K I did for my mom's birthday.  I included bothe the WIP pic and the finished one because the WIP is a more accurate color representation.