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Stitches In
This is the front and back of a piece I stitched for my best friend Jennifer for Christmas.  It came from a book of baby designs but I changed the colors from pastels to Christmas colors.
I stitched these dolphins from 3 freebie designs for my dear friend Pam for Xmas 2001
I stitched this for myself from a freebie  design by Leah (samplergirl)I changed the pompom and the snowflakes to silver floss.
I stitched this for my dear friend Kristi for Christmas 2001 from a freebie design.  I made some minor color changes.
I stitched this scissors keeper from a Drawn Threads design.
Sign and
Graphics provided
courtesy of
This was stitched for my husband for
Christmas from a Dragon dreams freebie design.  Colors were altered.
This is my variation of  the Peter Plaidtail, a freebie designed by Leah, stitched for Christa for easter 2002.
I made the spring lamb freebie into a door knob pillow for my friend Christa's new baby.  It says Bless This Baby in maroon above the lamb and the flower is maroon...March 2002.
Stitched from Jessica's (sooopermommy) freebie pattern for MIL...completed May 4, 2002
Stitched from Jessica's (sooopermommy) freebie pattern for my mom...completed May 6, 2002