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Stitches in
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Sign and
I designed this piece using a border from a booklet (designer unknown).  The symbol behind the word and is the symbol for infinity or forever.
I stitched this piece for my inlaws for Christmas a number of years ago.  There is a matching piece but I do not have a good picture of it.  Designer unknown.
I stitched this dalmation pup for my hubby.  Designer unknown.
I stitched this for my hubby for Valentine's Day nefore we got married.  Designer unknown.
I designed this piece in honor of my  hubby's promotion to Captain in the Fire Department.  The poem was a letter written to Dear Abby or Ann unknown. 
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I stitched this butterfly on a pillow for my Grandma many years before she is now my mom's.
I stitched this for my dad one year for Christmas